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Hey there,

my name is Cornelia, but nobody really calls me by my full name. Instead I am known as Conschnpeda, Conschi, Conrad, or as I prefer to introduce myself, simply CONNY.

I am Conny, 29 years old, from Austria! I consider myself as a positive thinker, ambitions, fun and easy person with an happy attitude and a great passion for traveling. All of which I want to share with you within this blog.

I am from Styria in Austria and have been living in Vienna every since I returned from my one-year Au Pair experience in London at the age of 20. Vienna, after all, turned out to be quite a stable homebase for me. It was mainly one of these guts decisions to move to Vienna, of which (lets put diplomatically) I was not the biggest fan at the beginning. But many of my friends have also moved here so I thought “Well, I’ll give it a try” and after that one came to the other.

I started working in Marketing and got a Master’s degree by studying at FH with evening and weekend classes (yes, I am a bit of a nerd^^), made lots of new friends and in the meantime..well… I admit I kind of have fallen in love with crazy, unique and beautiful Vienna <3. You see, everything worked out very well for me and I am very grateful and appreciative for being born and raised in a country like Austria!

But (yes there had to come a but), I am one of these persons who cannot sit still without the next projects knocking on the door, new plans to be made or new desitinations to be discovered.

I have always loved to travel, which at this point I have to thank my parents for. They took me already on family holidays (mainly to Greece) when I was too young to remember. Which is a shame, but I love to listen to their stories, for example when we went to Greece by bus (which is a 12 hours driving distance!) with me, 2 years old at that time, sleeping and sleeping all the way. This must have been the point when I subconciously got this comforting and familiar feeling that traveling is just THE ting for me.

Find out more about the purpose of this blog on the “About MyTravelEmotion” post!


  1. sabine

    Hey Conny,
    First I’d like to say thank you for sharing your experiences and make us travel with you.
    I’d more than happy to help you add an other time, surf & yoga in Morocco.
    It would be nice to connect 🙂
    Speak to you soon

    1. Conny

      Hey Sabine,
      so sorry for the late reply. Sounds awesome! Best get in touch via private message on Facebook: My Travel Emotion. Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Best wishes,


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