Eat & drink in Buenos Aires

You can read all about the greatness of BA in this post. In the following you find a couple of recommendations for eating and drinking out in Buenos Aires.

For a start it is worth mentioning that the sports and fitness trend seems not to have arrived in BA yet. (Compared to Rio, where mostly everyone seems in good shape). In contrast, you see people running around with soft drinks and you get sweets, cakes and burger at every corner. Resulting BA is a great place to indulge yourself and forget about the one or other kilo and simply enjoy some good, unhealthy food.

The low-budget version is of course to cook yourself, which we did a couple of times too. But grocery shopping is pretty expensive, especially fresh fruits and vegetables are quite pricy (hence explaining the unhealthy lifestyle). In general you will find the best restaurants and bars in Palermo, the largest district in BA, located in the north.

Best coffee in town

It is not that easy to find a real good coffee in the city, but the very best we had at a place called Lattente, in the heart of Palermo (the largest district of the city). The place is very cool and pretty much focused on coffee, not offering too much seating space but perfect to start your day.

Empanadas o’clock

Empanadas are everywhere and eaten at any time of the day. The dumplings come with different fillings are very tasty, especially when they are freshly warmed up. They are definitely the most common take-away snack and you get them from 0,50 to 2 EUR per piece.

A medialuna a day

Especially Georg could hardly start the day without a medialuna. They are, just like Empanadas, everywhere and typically come in a combo deal with a “cafe con leche” from 1,50 to 3,50 EUR. They mostly remind of a tiny version between a French croissant and an Austrian “Kipferl”.

Go vegan

Benaim is definitely not a place for vegans only. They offer jewish food from Isreal that includes tasty vegan options (the Falafel pita is amazing) as well as meat lover meals. Besides the atmosphere and location is just great and invites for a good night with friends.

As mentioned above, you can hardly get around any good food in BA, but be prepared for lot of calories.

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