We are just at the beginning of our Patagonia trip. We startet on 24th of November in Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world or “el fin el mondo”. We will be going up north through Patagonia and update this site as we travel along. So stay tuned… and click on the headings to read more about our stops and activities.

Main season in Patagonia is end of November til January, but the weather is still shaky. You can have sunshine in one and snow fall (at least in the South) on the same day. Rain and wind gear as well as good, waterproof shoes are a must. You can find my complete packing list here.



  • How to get here? We took a non-stop 3,5h fligth from Bueonos Aires with Aerolineas Argentinas for about 180 EUR.
  • How long to stay? We stayed for 5 nights, but you can easily spend 2 weeks here, depending on your planned activites (and available budget).
  • Where to stay? Antarctica Hostel is the place to be. A bed in a 6 mixed dorm costs 21 EUR, but includes breakfast. There is a huge kitchen and nice lounge to spend cosy afternoons and evenings.
  • What to do? There a lots of possibilities, for instance:
    • Take a boat trip to Cap Horn
    • Explore and hike in the Tierre del Fuego (Feuerland) national park
    • Do one of the many free hikes around the area (Lagoon Esmeralda, Glacier Martial, Cerro del Medio…)
    • Make an excursion to the penguins and beagle channel (~150 EUR)
    • Embark for an Antarctis cruise (for as cheap as ~5.000 EUR)


  • How to get here? By bus. There are many operators, going on different days at various schedules. It is a 12h drive up to Punta Arenas, where you can also make a stop-over for one or more nights or change to another bus that takes you straight to Puerto Natales in further 2,5 h. Book the bus directly in Ushuaia (for ~60 EUR ), but do it better sooner than later, as seats get sold out quickly during high season. Besides, as Puerto Natales is in Chile, you will cross the boarder, which can take up to more than an hour, including a thourough baggage check. You are not allowed to bring fruits or veggies across the border, but it depends on the mood of the guards wether how strict they are with that.
  • How long to stay? We stayed for 3 nights in Puerto Natales and additionally 6 nights in the Torres del Paine national park. The duration of your stay should depend on your planned days of trekking. The town itself is nice but 2 days are totally enough.
  • Where to stay? Erratic Rock, Patagonia Adventure and Wild Hostel are all GREAT places to stay. All of them also offer camping gear rental.
  • What to do? The main “attraction” is for sure the Torres del Paine national park with its famous W-Trek (or O-Circuit). Additionally several providers offer some kayak or other outdoor adventure tours.