Georg & Conny in South America

Follow us – Georg and Conny – on our six month trip through South and Central America.

Georg & Conny

Our route (roughly) brings us from Rio de Janeiro, via Iguazu waterfalls, to Buenos Aires. From there we are heading to Patagonia to experience nature, by hiking and trekking within the extensive national parks. This will be followed by Chile, probably Iquique, hopefully a stop in Bolivia, onwards through Peru and Columbia all the way up to Central America. Our last stops will be Mexico and Cuba, from where we will be flying back home (something we don’t want to think about yet).


Hope you enjoy reading our posts! Feel free to share, comment and let us know what you think or in case want to know more on certain topics. (Internet connection is not always the best though, so we are not always able to publish as many posts and pictures as we’d like, but we will complete our stories step by step).

Have fun reading 🙂



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