Travel Destinations


Welcome to my travel diary 😀

Here you find an overview of the places I’ve visited so far. Stories, personal recommendations and highlights of each of them will follow bit by bit. So make sure to stay tuned! 🙂 My posts are probably not the best tourist guides if you want advice on classic sightseeing hotspots. Instead I want to provide authentic and personal stories of how I experienced the different places, share my adventures and tips, which might sometimes include some sightseeing basics anyways.

If you are especially interested in more detail in one of the places just write me, as all my thoughts will never fit in a blog post. And if you want to know something about a destination, that is not listed in my blog, you can still write me and double-check. Luckely I visited more places, I was able to publish on my blog so far 😀

One day I hope to be able to fill my blog with stories of places all over the 7 continents. In the meantime enjoy reading my stories of following:



Africa is the continent I have been appealed to most during the last couple of years. Finally, in 2015 I took my chance and traveled Morocco, which is an absolute diverse and interesting country itself. This journey just raised my appetite for Africa even more and I cannot wait to go on Safari, realize my dream of voluntary work and see much more of this amazingly interesting continent some day.



Asia is an awesome travel destination! The lifestyle, culture, climate and the costs for living are so different to the European  standard. Of course, Asia is huuumangeous (a word my Au Pair kids tought me^^) and there a significant differences between and within Asian and South-East Asian countries. The comparisons are already very obvious in the continent’s countries, I’ve visited so far. Which include: Bangkok, Singapure, Bali, Gili Island, Shanghai.


Australia doescme (and money^^) with you. When I traveled in Australia in 2011 with a friend we in total had about 3,5 weeks, which was unfortunately and unsurpringly not sufficient to see all of the stunning beaches and places. Still we got to dive in Great barrier reef, see penguins on Philip Islad, drive down Great Ocean Road, discover the night life in Melbourne, do canyoning in the Blue Mountains, cuddled a Koala and much more. Read more: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns / Great Barrier Reef.


I am one of these perons, who procrastinates visiting the close distances until I get old and grey :). That’s why I have probably seen less of Austria than from e.g. New Zealand. Also when friends ask me for city trips of holidays in Europe I first always try to bring more far distance destinations into the discussions. Bust as soon as I end up traveling in Europe I recognise how beautiful and diversified my home continent is and afer all the list of places, mainly cities, I’ve visitied so far grew quite long: London, Paris, Vienna, Lisboa & Lagos, Barcelona, Prague & Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Basel, Rome, Edinbourgh & Glasgow


New Zealand is by far my most favorite country. This is probably also due to my strong personal connection I have with this place. I spent 5 months in this stunning country during my semester abroad. These month have been the most enjoyable and easy-going in my life. Of course there were (few) classes to visit, afternoons to spent in the library and assignments to do. But still, also this was great fun because of the unique surronding of this beautiful country.

Unitec, the university I studied at, was located in Auckland, but there was enough time to travel across the whole country and explore North and South Island alike (including once in a lifteime holidays on Fiji and Cook Islands), including following places:

  • North Island: Bay of Islands, Coromandel (Hot water beach & Cathedral Cove), Rotorua, Waiheke Island
  • South Island: Nelson, Milford Sounds, Queenstown

I also need to mention the USU Sudent’s Association of Unitec, who did an outstanding job in organizing great events, like outdoor cinema nights, international food days and most impressivly exciting day of weekend trips. As New Zealand is known for its extreme sports activities I had to overcome all my former fears of height or speed (yes, i used to be kind of a coward^^). But after experiencing all kind of fun and crazy activities I finally got rid of (most) of my fears for the rest of my life: Black water rafting, Sky Diving, Zipline, Open sea canoe, Whale watching


After visiting the USA I understood all the cliches of this overwhelming country. Everything is just bigger and larger compared to anything else I’ve seen: buildings, cars, distances, roads, cities, national parks, universities.. While feeling just as one tiny visitor in this country you can inhale the spirit of “The land of unlimited possibilities”.

I spent 3 weeks in the USA as part of a summer session, which was a kind of exchange programme for students in summer. We could live the life of an American student at Southern Utah University, which was great fun. Sightseeing trips included: New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, National parks (Grand Canyon & Bryce Canyon).



Fiji, especially the Yasawa Island Group is paradise as you imagine it. White, long, sandy beaches with turquoise water, friendly and welcoming locals, starry skies and a place, where you are more or less forced to take life at a slower pace. Either by chilling in a hammock, snorkeling with reef sharks in blue lagoons, doing sunset hikes or just loosing yourself in one or the other good read – Fiji ist THE perfect place to relax and simply be amazed by the beauty of nature in the middle of the Pacific ocean.