5 reasons why you should study abroad

My semester abroad was the most worry-free, enjoyable, exciting and special time in my life. Obviously studying abraod is not for everyone but if you are considering signing up for it, I put together my top 5 reasons, why you should no longer hestitate and just DO IT.

1. Life-lasting friendships

Well this is just THE one thing that pops up first in my mind as these remain my personal greatest gift of studying abroad. The friends I made during that time are and will be here no matter how much time has passed ever since.


I dedicated a special post to them in case you want to read more on the love story 🙂

2. Travel the world

Depending on the destination of your study abroad programme you should definitely take the chance and travel as much as you can. This was the easiest part for me with my chosen university being located in New Zealand.


3. Leave your comfort zone

A new country, full with strangers, a different culture and a language that is not your mother tounge. I would lie if I’d tell you that all of this is not intimitading at all. Sure it can be an obstacle to put yourself out there, not knowing what to expect and who to meet. But well, that’s the magic of putting yourself out of your comfort zone anyways and trust me it is not a high price to pay compared to what you will get in return.


4. Learn

I keep the term rather general on purpose because studying abroad goes beyond learning a new language or professional content. While organising, traveling to and actually studying abroad you learn to organise yourself, take responsibility and be independent. The experience holds a lot of life lessons you will take advantage of in the future course of your life. You will truly develop and grow beyond yourself and also get to know certain characters you maybe would not have recognized when staying at the same place and surrounding yourself with the same people at all times.


5. Pimp your CV

Well, that should not really be your main motivation for studying abroad, but after all it kind of looks good in your CV. In my opinion it is less important what university your future employer reads about in your application – when you studied abroad you proove a certain intercultural competence, an open-minded attitude as well as self organisation and motivation.


Of course there are many, many more benefits reaching from foreign education to extraordinary adventures.

You will find a lot of stories on my blog, which I would not be able to write without my study abroad experience.

So, don’t wait and take your education to the next level and across borders.

Did you also study abroad? I’d love to hear your personal experiences and anything you’d like to add in the comments.


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