W-Trek Day 5 – Camp Frances to Paine Grande

This was the most relaxed hiking day with a short distance walk to our next pre-booked campsite, Camp Paine Grande. It is run by the company “Vertice” and in contrast to all our other campsites (run by “Fantastico Sur”) we never got any booking confirmation for this site. Hence we were not sure what to expect and if we can stay at their camp. Luckily everything was just fine, even though our online booking never got through. Despite the chaotic organization of the camp, it turned out to be our favourite one in the Torres del Paine park (at least along the W-Trek, as we did not see the ones along the extended route, the O-Circuit).

  • Route: Camp Frances – Camp Italiano – Camp Paine Grande
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Metres of height: ~100 m (300 m down)
  • Length: 8 km

The day was very much characterized by strong winds, partly coming from the front, hence slowing us down. Together with the remaining tree rests, after a very bad and extensive forest fire a couple of years earlier, and the mighty glaciers along the path, we felt like in shadowland of Lion King.

Thanks to the short distance we were able to enjoy the rest of day at the campsite, which provided a nice kitchen and dining area with view to the lake Pehoe. After a good rest, some reading and a nice evening with a lovely German couple, who were our tent neighbours from Camp Frances, we refilled our energy tanks for the next day.

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