Uyuni salt flat tour (2/3) – Flamingos and colorful lagoons

After seeing the salt flat of Uyuni, THE main attraction of the tour, I admit that I did not have any high expections for the rest of the trip. The previous day already outperformed all my imaginations, but yet I got to be surprised what Day 2 of our salt flat tour had to offer.

The second day started early at 6am with a first stop at a small Quinoa museum, where we got to know the process of how Quinoa is grown, farmed, processed and finally made ready for sale. Did you know that there are more than six types of Quinoa and Bolivia has one of the most natural growing one?

More stopovers were made in the deserts, including the famous “stone tree”, as well as in different landscapes, dominated by rock formations either formed by lava or water as being beneath the sea level millions of years ago.

One of the highlights, I was impatiently waiting for, were the Flamingos, that we saw in numerous lagoons along the drive.

Besides, the geysers at more than 5.000 metres above sea level and the red lagoon (for its color certain weather conditions need to be met) were my personal favorites of the day.

As these attractions were even outperformed by what was to come after dinner, I have to mention the main attraction of the night separately. This was a cloudless sky full of bright stars, that we could gaze at from natural volcanic hot springs. Our guide, who turned out to be a hobby astronomer at the same time, explained to us all the visible star formations and galaxies with a simple laser pointer.

This was truly something different, which almost gave me goosebumps in the boiling 40°C hot springs.

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