Spectacular, more spectacular, Iguazu waterfalls

The Iguazu waterfalls are located in same-named national park right at the border of Argentina (Puerto Iguazu) and Brazil (Foz do Iguazu) and can therefore be accessed from both respective sides. You find a lot of different pro and con lists on the web, discussing which one is the better, more spectecular one. Besides you hear a lot of the place being overcrowded with tourists.

Well, we entered the park from the Brazilian side on a rainy Friday and the amount of fellow guests was totally acceptable. So try to avoid weekends and sunny days to dodge the large tourist groups. Firstly (and mainly) we decided for the Brazilian side as our hostel was located only a 10 min walk away from the park entrance. Also the entry fee (16 EUR) was less expensive than in Argentina.

Hostel reco: Iguazu Eco Hostel Suites: the place is very calm, in the middle of the (rain)forest. The city can be easily reached with a 20 min bus drive and the Iguazu national park is just around the corner. Rooms and facilities are basic, but fairly priced with 10 EUR / night in the dorm, including a large breakfast buffet, There is also a little pool and an idyllic terrace to enjoy the calmness.

As pictures tell more than 1000 words (no idea if this is also an English saying ;-)) I let the following gallary speak for itself. In a nutshell: we were absolutely amazed and impressed and definitely recommend everyone going there!! Hard to imagine that the Argentinian side could be any better 😉


  1. Bene

    Fernweeeeh 😀 Vielen Dank euch trotzdem fürs bissi Miterleben-lassen, Eindrücke vermitteln und berichten; kann Georg-Mamas “schreibt auch für euch” absolut zustimmen; wer in Südamerika strikt nach “Anweisung” unterwegs sein will hat vermutlich ohnehin nicht viel Erfolg schätze ich bzw verpasst sicher was 😀

    1. Conny

      Danke euch für eure lieben Kommentare 🙂 Zu sehen, dass unsere Beiträge gerne gelesen werden motiviert zum Weitermachen! Es steht uns zum Glück noch sooo viel Abenteuer bevor 🙂

  2. Susanne

    Great. Must have been noisy. I like the close up, the Rainbow, the Black and whites…


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