Wonderful Titicaca lake & Isla de sol

The world’s highest lake: Titicaca

When in Bolivia, the Titicaca lake is a travel must! Especially after tiring hikes, endless mountain views and busy cities, we were really looking forward to a change of scene. The Titicaca lake is situated between Peru and Bolivia and is the largest freshwater lake of South America. Its size is almost 16 time the size of the Bodensee! Besides it is the world’s highest lake, situated at an altitude of more than 3.800 metres above sea level.

How to get to Titicaca lake?

The most common place to visit the Titicaca lake is Copacabana. It is a 3-4 hours bus drive from La Paz. Including a 10 minute lake crossing via boat. The drive itself is very beautiful and exploits yet another side of Bolivia’s pretty landscapes. Keep in mind and don’t under-estimate the high altitude. No matter from where you are heading to the lake, make sure to drink plenty of water to prevent altitude sickness.

What to do in Copacabana?

Copacabana is probably the most touristy place we’ve seen in Bolivia. It mainly consists of bars, restaurants and market booths for souvenir shopping or tour bookings. Consequently here’s what you can do: drinking, eating, shopping and go on a tour. Not to forget the fancy church in the heart of the town, which is worth a quick visit too. And the best activity is the little walk up the hill right next to the lake’s shore where the edge of town meets the lake. The view up there is amazing!

Hostel reco: the Hostal Florencia has a great flair and basic, yet inviting rooms. The costs of only 8 EUR per night and person include breakfast. Location is good as well.

Reco to avoid over-priced dinner and intrusive sales person, trying to shove you into a semi-good restaurant: go to the food stalls along the lakes shore and have dinner at booth number 12. The fish is freshly prepared next to you and served with the typical Bolivian charm by the local owners.

Isla de Sol, yes or no?

Definitely YES! Since activity options in Copacabana are limited and the place is very crowded, you should go to Isla de Sol and spend a night there. By the time we’ve been to Isla de Sol only the Southern part of the island was “open” to tourists. But still it was absolutely worth going. There are countless hostels along the steep hill, that don’t necessarily need pre-booking. Obviously the higher up you chose your accommodation, the better the view across the lake.

The boat to the island costs 2,5 EUR per person and takes about an hour. The boat passes close to Isla de Luna, which is not supposed to be anything special though. Also prices on the Isla de Sol were surprisingly cheap. Hence we spoiled ourselves with a 3 course dinner, on top of the hill, while watching the most amazing sunset! Viva Bolivia!

The trip to the Titicaca lake and Isla de Sol was our last one in Bolivia. I could not have wished for a better ending of traveling this unique and interesting country!