10 days island hopping on Fiji – what you should not miss

It was during my semester abroad in New Zealand when my friend and I figured that a holiday on Fiji is just too reasonable once we were so close to the Pacific paradise. From Auckland it is a 3 hours flight to the Nadi airport on Fiji’s main island.

From there several cruises bring you to the different islands, with Fiji’s most popular remote Island Group being the Yasawa Islands, consisting of many small picturesque islands. Each of them being a paradise itself with long, white beaches and turquoise water. If you want to see many different places of the Yasawa Island Group and do not mind a bit of self-organization I can recommend a hop-on hop-off cruise, like offered by Awesome Fiji Adventures.

How does it work?

With Awesome Fiji Adventures you can either book worry free multi island packages with fixed routes and pre-chosen accommodations or go for a more spontaneous way by island hopping with the so called Bula Pass. You can jump on and off the boat whenever you like and book available accommodations of your choice directly on board.

When is the Bula Pass the right decision for you?
  • When you travel solo and want to meet new, open-minded people
  • When you prefer full flexibility and self-control regarding island and accommodation choice
  • When you want to watch your budget and choose cheaper accommodations only

What activities are offered on the islands?

There are islands with activities for every taste.

Reaching from dedicated party islands, remote islands without any electricity over famous snorkeling places to islands with a range of animation with traditional dancing shows or coconut workshops. Many islands simply invite for relaxing a day in the hammock, some islands are so small to walk around them in less than 5 minutes, whereas others offer great hiking trips with amazing views when the sun rises or sets.

What islands and resorts you should not miss?

White Sandy Beach on Naviti Island

Relax in a hammock, take a walk along the beach, eat the most delicious Papaya and shower in the nature.


Coral View Resort on Tavewa Island

Take a snorkeling trip to the Blue Lagoon, get entertained by traditional Fijian music and loose yourself in a good read on the beach.


Gold Coast on Nanuya Lailai Island

Survive the wobbly cruise in a nutshell of a boat to the destination and live without electricity (in case you drown your trustfully given desk lamp in the toilet. I mean this can happen to anyone, right?^^).


Without any artificial light on the island I saw the most impressive starry sky in my entire life.

Long beach on Matacawelevu Island

Be amazed by the most stunning sunset, learn how to make arm braces with banana leaves and watch the production of coconut milk.


Kuata Natural Resort on Kuata Island

Snorkel with reef sharks, share you bed with geckos and taste the traditional Fijian Kava in a cosy bonfire atmosphere.


South Sea Island

Walk around the smallest Yasawa island in only 5 minutes, watch a grab race and be prepared to share your room with 15-20 other guests in the one and only accommodation on the island.


The island hopping on Fiji was doubtless one of the most special and unique experiences I have ever made. I am very glad that I had the chance to visit this paradise and get in touch with the friendly and welcoming locals. Visiting Fiji surely brings you back down on earth and teaches you to take life at a slower pace. FIJI TIME!


  1. Ingmar

    Eine sehr schöne Beschreibung der Insel, danke Dir. Auf Fiji ist schlechte Laune unmöglich, das ging mir auch so:

    1. Conny

      Dankeschön 💕 dein Artikel zu Fiji hat mich auch direkt wieder zurück versetzt und lässt gute Laune hochkommen 😊


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