Amsterdam – or THE coffee shop experience!

I have visited Amsterdam a coupAmsterdam27le of years ago for business reasons. Back then I consequently did not have enough spare time to truly experience Amsterdam. But I knew in an instant that I need to see this city again. And last weekend the time has come. A close friend was lacking a next planned journey just as I was and we quickly agreed on traveling Amsterdam together.

What I like most about Amsterdam is its relaxing and easy-going atmosphere. It is the perfect destination choice if you do not like the hectic kind of city trips, running from one sight to the other, visiting dozens of museums, churches, monuments… you name it. Even though there a many pretty ones like the Amsterdam’s Kings Palace:


Everyone, who knows me is aware of my great FOMO (= fear of missing out). Side note: I was so glad when someone enlightened me just 2 months ago about this highly sophisticated diagnosis of my often laughed at feeling. I have been carrying it inside me for ages up till now and step by step I get better at dealing with it. However, in Amsterdam I simply did not feel this fear of missing out. All the countless boutiques, delicacy shops and patisseries invite for strolling around the streets.


Shopping tip: “I <3 Vintage” on Haarleemstraat with pretty dresses and stylish individual pieces



The city’s picturesque buildings and sights can easily be gazed at while wandering through the so called “Grachten” with full shopping bags in one and a sweet waffle in the other hand. The city centre of Amsterdam can best be explored on foot or by public transport.


Well, what I cannot keep a secret either is the city’s night life and THE Amsterdam’s tempting COFFEESHOP experience. I have always been a non-smoker and cannot befriend myself with the thought of smoking, but as you probably know there are options to consume hash or weed by eating. Either in the shape of pot brownies or so called space cakes. A win-win situation for dessert lovers 😉

It is a pretty weird situation to watch weed or pre-rolled joints going over the counter just like a coffee at Starbucks. Among the offering you will also find the mentioned brownie or cake at the price of approx. 6 €. Pay attention: do not eat the whole thing at once! Take one or two bites and wait 45-90 minutes. By eating it takes your body much longer to absorb the extra ingredient. It may a bit strange to give recommendations being it my first (and last) coffee shop experience – but I would advise not drink alcohol at the same time and better not go out dancing afterwards. At least in my case the effect was a very slowing and tiring one. If it is also your first time and you might get a little nervous (just like I did) I can refer to following link with some useful information. You may know the rumors that tourists do net get the “good stuff” – I can recommend “Green House Coffeeshops”, where you see also many locals going in and out.



Regarding accommodation I am once more convinced of Air BnB and can recommend Georg’s place.

A bottle of red wine was already awaiting us in our spacious room, which is on the first floor. As the room has a luxury en suite bathroom and the hosts live one floor above, the accommodation offers great privacy. The walk to the city centre / central station takes about 20-30 minutes, which is not too bad as it leads through the nice shopping street Haarlemmerstraat.


The flight to and from Amsterdam was one of the most pleasant ones. It was my first time to fly with EasyJet. Departure was on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday evening at an attractive price of about 100€. The flights took off right at time and landed in both directions half an hour earlier than planned. One special highlight was the visit in the cockpit:

EasyJet Cockpit Amsterdam

One can surely spend lots and lots of time in Amsterdam. The city has a very welcoming character, giving me the emotion of being able to feel home in this city very quickly. It was surely not my last time in Amsterdam!

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