How to get most out of 4 days in Melbourne

Are you in a rush traveling through Australia (a very likely scenario for low-budget travelers^^)? Are you afraid time is not sufficient to see all the highlights? Do you want to get the most out of your stay anyways and see as much as possible of beautiful Australia?

Here is a guide what you can all get covered just within a 4 days stay in Melbourne.


Make yourself feel home at your accommodation, wander around the city, inhale the salty breeze at the beach – all making you forget about any jetlag. And don’t forget: get your day trip for the next day settled. Usually all hostels provide you with good advice and will make the booking for you. There are dozens of providers for all kind of budgets and tastes. We always went for a max to 10 people guided tour, transportation in a van with laid-back and authentic guides.

Personal hostel reco: Base Backpackers Melbourne. Great location close to the beach. Nice staff and cool atmosphere.


300km road trip with many stunning stopovers:

1.Chilling at famous surfer’s beach Bells Beach:

Bells Beach2. Wandering through rainforests and meeting Koalas in real life:


3. Admiring the Twelve Apostels – THE highlight of Great Ocean Road:

Twelve Apostels

Did you know: the rocks formation had never consisted of 12 rocks, but initially of nine. Today there are eight left, after one collapsed in 2005.

4. Making jumping pictures in the most beautiful bay – Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge5. Visiting the famous offshore natural arch formation – London Arch, also known as London Bridge. It is nature at its purest and formed itself by constant erosion, after once being a complete bridge.

London Arch

When getting back to Melbourne check out the city’s best rooftop bar with a great view, tasty cocktails and an open air cinema in the midst of Melbourne’s skyline at night.


I am not THE greatest animal lover, but Australia’s fauna is definitely written on another page. Simply no one can resist a koala, kangaroo, wallaby or penguin. And so we went for another day trip. This time to Phillip Island to watch penguins in real life when they return at dawn from the sea back into the bush. Also this trip was packed with interesting stops:

1. Stroking koalas and feeding wallabies in a Wildlife park

2.Watching sheep’s wool production at Churchill Island – a very random and touristy attraction though. No pics taken there … but one key take-away: sheep wool will keep you warm even in case it gets wet 😉

3. Observing koalas in the Koala Reservation Centre. Literally watching only – touching not allowed L (except stuffed koalas)

4. Wandering around the so called “The Nobbies”, which is the name of the area along Phillip Island’s south coast with boardwalks and lookout points with stunning coastal views. Close to the cost the Seal rocks are home to Australia’s largest Fur Seal colony. Watch out carefully and you will spot one or another little penguin.

5. Being amazed by the Penguine Parade, the name when hundreds of penguins crawl out of the sea to find their sleeping spot onshore. The spectacle is being watched by loots of tourists. Taking pictures is not allowed. Fair enough!! And anyways one must see this live to truly experience this moment.


Melbourne itself is too pretty to solely treat it as departing point for day trips. The city has a great offer of different kind of activities:

  • Visit Melbourne Aquarium. Kind of nice but once you have been to one of Australia’s wildlife park you can do without a visit. Unless you are a great fish fan 😉
  • View Melbourne from Eureka’s tower 88th I personally love to watch city from high above. Therefore a must-do reco from my side.
  • Have yummy lunch in Chinatown. Usually I am not a fan of Chinatowns and would not recommend it in any other city. But Melbourne is THE one exception. Chinatown in Melbourne is clean, inviting and offers great food at fair prices.
  • Chill at Federation Square. Get yourself a cup of coffee, grab a canvas chair at the square and inhale the city’s laid-back, young and cool vibe.
  • Enjoy the silent oasis in the Royal Botanic Gardens and have picnic in the green with a skyline view.

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