3 days in Sydney – more to see than the Opera House

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney – Silvio aaah Nemo, here we came to save you.

I visited Sydney in February 2011 together with a close friend within a 5 months study abroad & travel adventure.

When you think of Sydney you probably first have the famous Opera House in mind. So did I. But I was surprised how much more the city has to offer.


Find in the following a summary of my recommended must do’s:

Visit Sydney Skytower

Somehow the visit of a city’s highest tower turned out to be my thing. At least I realized I have been doing this in every single city I’ve visited so far. Well, the view over a city’s roofs is something quite impressive when you ask me.

Relax at Bondi Beach 

You simply don’t get around to check out Sydney’s most famous surfer spot – Bondi beach. A surfer’s beach with cool shops and people just like you imagine it.


Have dinner in Chinatown

Compared to the average price levels in Sydney, Chinatown offers good meals at fair prices.

Take a hop-on hop-off bus tour

Ones may have their valid points against these tourist buses, BUT they bring you from one city’s end to the other with no need of changing or worrying about additional public transport costs. And well, this way you make sure not to miss out on any of the famous sights and hotspots. Just perfect for travel guide muffles like I am.

Marvel at Sydney’s Opera House

Simply by wandering around the opera house you will be impressed. Even though you might think to know it from pictures anyways you will be surprised by its size and appearance. If you are up for queuing a guided tour inside the Opera is supposed to be great experience.

Sydney Opera House

Gaze at Sydney’s Harbour Bridge

For the special thrill you should do a Bridge climb, where you will be guided under, on and up to the top of the bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Take a cruise to Manly

Boats leave directly from Circular Harbour, located between the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and bring you straight out of the buzzy and lively tourist hotspot to a laid-down, beautiful beach. The view of the city’s skyline itself is worth the cruise.

Sydney Manly

Go to the movies

Well, to be honest that was just our bad weather escape – a very expensive one at € 21 for one ticket, excluding Popcorn of course.

Take a break at Hyde Park

Make sure to not be in a hurry. The park invites for a picnic, a good read under a tree, throwing frisbees, having some ice cream or taking some jumping pictures.


 Healthy lunch tip: you will find a fine, creative and simply delicious selection of salads in the O Superfood bar at 310 Oxford Street.

Experience Rocks and Circular Quai at night

Even though the Opera House and Harbour Bridge are already stunning at daylight, it is even more impressive during night. Wander around and treat yourself with a few drinks around Circular Quai and Rocks – the touristy, business and harbour area around the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.



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