New Year’s Eve & snowboarding @Kreischberg

What a great New Year’s Eve it was. I have always been a huge fan of New Year’s Eve. Yeees, I know all the voices against it complaining about the forced party mood, unachievable resolutions, the excessive amount of food and / or drinks :).

Many possibilities for beautiful moments, big adventures and new memories to be made. New chapters to be written …

Nonetheless I like the thought of the start of a new year. Every day has the chance to change your life forever. Why should it not happen to be the 1st of January at some point? And if not, well there are 365 days left in 2016.

2015, a short recapme@kreischberg

Honestly, I do not have too many resolutions, wishes or expectations for 2016 – of course there is always room for improvement and plans waiting to be realized. But 2015 was a great year already. It was a joyful one with emotional ups outweighing the downs (and yes there were some pretty hard ones to face). I look back on a couple of changes and successes, like a new job and my finished Master degree. I traveled far and close distant places. For longer and shorter time periods, including Bali, Morocco, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. With all journeys having one greater reason and meaning in common: FRIENDSHIP.

I traveled either with friends or in order to visit them at foreign places. New friendships have arisen or could be strengthened. Existing friendships deepened even more.

Consequently, for me 2015 was in the sign of friendship. Once more I realized its meaning and impact. Without the people I call my real friends, my life would not be as colorful and enjoyable as it is. They simply add this extra sparkle to each and every moment, making it even more memorable. Not only do I appreciate the sharing of good memories, especially this year has proven: I can count on my friends anytime, anywhere.

Therefore I cannot image a better way to end the old and start the new year than with very special and close friends:

Kreischberg New Year's Eve

It was in 2007 when I met Juli and Melli during my Au Pair year in London. Well, I guess it was love at first sight. The year in London was truly a very formative and impactful one for us. Sharing the Au Pair experience will always be a fundamental connection. But our friendship has been going beyond this ever since we kept on living separate lives after this Au Pair year. But the geographic distance never lessened, but maybe even strengthened, our friendship. No matter if our friendship is one “by chance” or “by choice” – it will always have a special place in my heart.

New Year’s Eve @Kreischberg

And now, 8 years later we spent another New Years Eve together. This time close to my home making (Melli’s very first) skiing holiday at Kreischberg.

We rented a great apartment for 5 nights at a fair price of 130 EUR per person. It is well situated in walking distance to the gondola with a friendly, authentic host: Mühlbacher Erwin’s private apartments.

Ski passes are (probably like everywhere else) pretty expensive at the price of 42 EUR. However, the slopes are very well prepared (unfortunately we had to rely on artificial snow) and are fun for beginners and pros alike. Whenever you are looking for an easy and stress-less skiing holiday I can definitely recommend Kreischberg!

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