Marina Bay Sands – what a luxury night

3 days Singapore, 2 girls, 1 night @Marina Bay Sands, 0€ luxury suite upgrade

Marina Bay Sands infinity poolWe were sweaty and hurried. Far too late for check-in (oops, kind of overlooked time during shopping). In hot pants and flip-flops. Dragging our trolleys and out of breath when we finally reached reception of THE luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Already in advance we have decided that we will treat ourselves with one night in Marina Bay Sands when planning our Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia trip for March 2015. Not yet knowing that what dimension of luxury was awaiting us.

Marina Bay Sands

Rooms in Marina Bay Sands were well booked in advance and there was more or less only one “affordable” room left when we booked 1 month before arrival. We decided for the “cheapest” room category at a rate of a little more than 200 EUR per person. Breakfast not included. Non-city view, of course.

The night in Marina Bay Sands was our last one of a 3 days stay in Singapore (of which a separate blog post will certainly follow). We were counting the minutes till earliest possible check-in to get the most out of our stay. We were planning to spend most of our time in the famous rooftop pool, not expecting a too spacious or comfortable room at our booked category.

Well, major learning at this point: things never turn out the way you expect it.

Firstly, we checked in just at 6pm after an extensive and subconsciously time consuming shopping tour. Secondly, we were greeted with the best ever news at the impressive reception desk of Marina Bay Sands. I will never forget the receptionist’s words:

 “Ladies, you got an upgrade!”

That was not yet the sweeping part, right? Nope, she continued:

 “The room will be much, much, much nicer than the one you have booked.”

 I was still not too convinced and expected an upgrade from the second to the third floor with a nicer view to the city side – tops. But another receptionist chimed in the conversation – with gleaming eyes and a huge smile:

 “You will love it. It is like waaay better than the other room!”

Whoop, whoop. And suddenly, excitement creeped up our chests as we realized that our new room is on the 50th floor (side note: the infinity pool is on the 57th floor^^). Not all elevators bring you up to rooms in this height. So we had to ask a bell boy for direction handing him our room key. His eyes wandered between the room number and our “not-able-to-afford-such-a-room” appearance. Nodding and grinning he pointed to the Suite’s elevators, murmuring “you girls got an upgrade, right?”

 Well, then we were 100% sure and realized: we just got a free upgrade to a Suite in one of the worlds most famous and luxury hotels. We could not believe our eyes when we reached the huge door leading us directly in our 200m² Sand’s Suite, worth approx. 1.500 EUR per night. It probably does not need mentioning how overwhelmed and excited we were. Therefore from here I let the pictures and video tour speak for themselves:

Not to forget of course is the once in a lifetime experience when swimming and sunbathing at Marina Bay Sands rooftop infinity pool:

Marina Bay Sands infinity pool

THANKS to Marina Bay Sands for this unforgettable night!

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