Bali’s most beautiful waterfall – Sekumpul

Bali is famous for its stunning landscape and great outdoors, including volcanoes, rice terraces, temples, hot springs and waterfalls. In case you are a waterfall fan, , I advise you to go to Sekumpul waterfall (instead of the more popular GitGit waterfall).

I was in Bali in March 2015 with a good friend. The Sekumpul waterfall is not that easy to reach by bus and also our personal driver was not too happy to take us all the way there, but insisting (twice!) on this 3 hours drive was definitely worth it. When we were on our way to Sekumpul waterfall the first time we had to reverse only 20 minutes before arrival (after a 2.5 hours drive) as it was uninterruptedly pouring with rain all day long. This was not only a problem for the partly steep and curvy drive but even more worrying for the 30 min steep and muddy walk to the waterfall. Instead we visited GitGit waterfall that day. We were the only two persons on the way, which was surrounded by many little gift and souvenir shops. So could tell how touristy it would usually be. After all the GitGit waterfall was… well.. nice.. and we were wet from hair to toes and from our jackets to underwear.

A couple of days later, when the weather seemed more promising, we dared another attempt and headed towards Sekumpul waterfall the second time. As soon as we arrived at the parking lot we could already almost smell the rain, but there was no more way back for us. This time we wanted to reach the waterfall – no matter what. We were the only two persons on the way – again. Only this time it was an untouched and natural path in the middle of the rain forest. The last distance to the waterfall needs to be covered by walking down lots and lots of steps (and yes: walking back requires walking them all back up^^). Just 2 minutes before we reached the waterfall the rain caught us and from one second to the other it was pouring – again J. Armed with rain covers this was not a hurdle for us anymore. Last obstacle before reaching the waterfall was the crossing of a kneedeep (in my case: hipdeep^^) river but then we finally reached our destination.

Standing in front of the massive waterfall made me feel very very small and for a couple of moments we were just stunned and impressively watching the masses of water falling off above us. As the water surface of the little river was rising second by second we quickly took some pictures and set off back to the parking lot. If there would have been just a little less rain we would have loved to stay at the place much longer. There are also a couple of hiking treks around the waterfall, which I want to experience when I will travel Bali again someday.

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