An especially happy moment @ the Souks

There is one very special moment while wandering enchanted through the Souks in Marrakesh.

I was walking around the market with two close friends. We were inhaling the special vibe of this magical place and surrounded by spices, cosmetics, fabrics, sweets, leather ware, arts and many more.

At some point we were suddenly involved in a conversation with the friendly owner of a spices and cosmetics market stall. It was one of these special moments only traveling can write when this nice stranger cooked us some tea, gave us a quiet time in the middle of this vibrant and hectic market place and patiently showed and explained his traditional Moroccan products.

Obviously we left this place with a little less money in our pockets than before but the couple of EUR were definitely well spent and on the picture you can surely see our happiness and satisfaction that we felt in this special moment, which cannot be valued in money anyways.

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