About MyTravelEmotion

Why MyTravelEmotion? What does it stand for? What does it mean?…

MyTravelEmotion, in its core, is a travel blog. It tells my personal travel stories, including my experiences as an Au Pair and study abroad student. But MyTravelEmotion shall go beyond an usual travel blog and also includes inspiring parts with my thoughts on the meaning, importance and science of any kind of emotions.

My TravelEmotion = travel stories and thoughts on emotions.

I like to travel because it comes from within. I do not need or have an external incentive or pressure to visit new places. When I go on a journey, be it for the weekend to close distances or for half a year to the other end of the world, I do it from my heart. And this is when I believe that a journey will be experienced to its fullest. In contrast, I would not recommend anyone to travel or stay abroad for a longer time, when one does it for extrinsic reasons, like the good look in the CV, the too persuasive friend or all these unused days off at work one needs to get rid off.

Especially in a time, when our surrounding is dominated by negative messages, we need to find our individual sources for happiness and satisfaction. Traveling can be THE one!

Therefore I created this blog with two intentions:

Firstly, I want to share my experiences (good and not so good ones), thoughts and stories of my short- and longterm, close and far distance journeys alike. My posts should be fun, informative, behind the scenes and authentic reads on:

  • traveling in general
  • my travel desitinations reaching from Europe, USA, South-Eastern Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • my adventoures semester abroad
  • my Au Pair experience in London

I do not want to convince any of these travel grinches out there that traveling is the BEST thing you can do (even though it is if you ask me^^) or that everyone needs to travel (’cause than the world would be even more crowded with travelers). But when I am passionate about something I want to pass it on to and share it with others. I want everyone to have the same positive feelings, as I get them when I am traveling. This brings me to my deeper intention of my blog.

I have the vision of my blog to become a place for inspiration and reflection by linking traveling to the greater effect of gaining new perspectives and letting your brain process the external world in a different way.

Secondly, and more importantly, I have the vision of my blog to become a place where my readers get feelings of inspiration and reflection. We are currently living in a world full with negative messages floating our news from morning to evening. We see war, corruption, financial, natural and human catastrophes. The devastating refugees crisis in front of our doors also hits me every day. Poltical and economical discussions have reached the circle of family and friends and I truly believe that we are currently witnessing an era that will write history. I became more and more critical towards existing systems myself, started to question media, triggered critical discussions with friends and family. There is no doubt that every single one of us needs to reflect an current global happenings.

But the human being learned to focus too much on the negative aspects. Already in school we were taught to work harder and harder on the subjects we are not getting best grades, whereas there was little attention on the good grades subjects. I do not want to be a teacher, but see myself as author of this blog more of a coach, who gives positive news the spotlight they deserve! I want to share stories, experiences and thoughts on traveling and emotions that deal with traveling specifically or feelings in general.

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