5 tips for choosing a blog name

This post was initially meant to cover a full checklist for preparing the set-up of a blog. As soon as I started writing my learnings and tips for choosing the right name for a blog I realized that this topic deserves more spotlight within an especially dedicated post.

Choosing the right domain for my blog was the toughest decision during the set-up phase. Thankfully there are already a lot of hints and recommendations provided by fellow bloggers, which has proven to be very helpful. The most useful ones for me added with my personal learnings in a nutshell:


Of course you need to check first if your preferred domain is still available. WordPress can do this for your during registration. Before you buy it straight away you can check for cheaper options online. There are several domain check providers like 1and1 or namecheap, that also offer domains for sale. Additionally hosting providers might give you a domain for free for signing up for their service (which you need to do anyways in case you decide for wordpress.org).


You probably want your blog to spread word. Therefore you should choose a domain that is easy to remember or simple to spell.

Long domains, special signs, numbers or complicated spellings are advisable to avoid.

Keep it as simple as possible.


There is this one moment when you think you found THE perfect domain. It is not used yet. It is simple. It is available with .com ending. It brings the goal or content of your blog to the point. I remember my enthusiasm when I thought I found my dream domain. I bought it in an instant and spent hours writing a blog post about why I have chosen that name and what it should express.

But then I heard the name of my blog spoken out loud by a friend and realized it sounded like „travel and sick“. From that point I did not feel confident with my domain „travelinsic“ any more and decided to change it.

Time, effort and costs you can save by such an easy thing to simply speak the domain out loud.


Your blog will only be the top of the iceberg. It will grow upon and live from your social media activity instead. Check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts and hashtags, which might equal your blog name. Of course this does not mean to be a showstopper but it is good to give it a thought in advance to avoid bad surprises afterwards. 😉


Talking and getting advice from friends might not be for everyone. On one hand your friends are the people who know you best and most importantly they will be honest. And my fail from point 2 had definitely not happened! Besides, getting feedback or ideas from your friends can generate ideas you would not have come up with by yourself. On the other hand this can be also very tiring as there will hardly be any name that is loved by everyone. Make sure to not loose yourself in too much discussions. In the end you need to be the one feeling comfortable and confident with your domain choice.

If you have any inputs or key learnings with this yourself feel free to leave a comment.

In the end don’t let the endless search for THE perfect blog name prevent you from starting your blog at all.

I am a very eager detail-lover myself but blogging is nothing for perfectionists. Especially when your blog is your hobby. Quit overthinking. Blogging is a trial and error business and traffic to your blog will not be driven by the name of your blog.

When you found a blog name that works for you GO FOR IT and HAVE FUN with your blog! 🙂

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